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Bo Baines is a local photographer who was born in Wilson, NC, and where he and his family currently reside. Perhaps the most compelling feature of this exhibit is the way it reveals Bo’s authenticity, both as an artist and as a human. His beautiful sense of delicacy, tone, detail and restricted movement allows him to sculpt his model into chiaroscuro vignettes which interpretively represent restrained mobility. The sense of a spirited being, transparently bound by thin veils and layers, which one cannot fathom, nor shed, is repeated in each image. The collection hangs together as a dramatic story for each viewer to perceive and dissect.The Gallery at The Edge Wilson is honored to introduce this talented emerging artist and this outstanding collection of photographs.


"Bo created a strong conceptual body of work that has heart! His eloquent eye guides us into an emotional response with a tenderness seldom associated with the graphic and conceptual that clearly comes naturally to this artist with a great future!' - Burk Uzzle - Eminent Professional Photographer

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