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Paintings by David Davenport
MAY 21 - JUNE 25, 2022

Afternoon Reflection, oil on canvas 12 X 16.jpg

"Afternoon Reflection" by David Davenport, oil on canvas 12 x 16


David is a painter living in Durham, NC. Having grown up in eastern North Carolina, David is inspired by the rural landscape he remembers from his youth and that he still explores when visiting his family’s home place in Bear Grass, NC. David’s paintings explore the atmospheric beauty of the landscape’s barns, fields and abandoned buildings and emphasize the effects of light on these subjects. Some of the works are imagined and others are loose interpretations of the actual place enhanced by his memory and imagination. David often travels the back roads “Down East” to view, paint and absorb the changing light on the barns and fields.  


David’s painting process combines both realism and abstraction, often returning to the same subject multiple times in varying seasonal conditions to better acquaint himself with the subject. Sometimes he paints from the perspective of inside the barns looking out – leaving the mystery of what is unseen for the viewer to imagine. In all the paintings,  David attempts to share an intimate sense of place, one that allows the viewer to infuse his or her memories and experiences. David maintains an art studio in Durham, NC and his work is in corporate and private collections throughout the state. 

5 o'clock Shadow, oil on canvas, 14 X16.jpg
Flooded Fields, oil on canvas, 9X12 .jpg

"Flooded Fields" by David Davenport, oil on canvas, 9 x 12

"5 o'clock Shadow" by David Davenport, oil on canvas, 14 x 16

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