Barb White

ARTIST & Owner of The Edge 


Spontaneous and impulsive ideas are the basis from which most of my art is created. Deadlines and available materials are also much of the impetus behind many of my ideas.


Using acrylic paint, and ink on a wood substrate, rather than canvas, is one of my favorite methods of working because applying media to uneven, hued and porous surfaces allows me to work with more freedom, and also allows my materials to create imagery that is beyond what I intended. Basically, it forces me to step back from control.

For me, working this way allows my process to remain loose and energized which creates a surprising and uncontrived end result. It all teaches me to stand in faith, that as long as we keep making marks with the conviction that the outcome will capture a moment in time; the energy of the space; a state of mind, and the impact of emotions; while making one's own unique compilations, the end result will always end up being representational of present time, which can never be recaptured.  


Each painting I make is an original and semi-permanent representation of the present, a true reflection of the past, and ultimately to be observed and reflected upon in the future.  - Barb White